How To Naturally Increase Penis Size?

Penis erection and short size of the penis has been a persistent problem for men since ages. However, it is important to realize that the size of the penis is highly dependent on the protein content of the food men eat and also the hormonal level of their body. Though, these days there is a lot of buzz regarding penis surgeries and pills, let me tell you that they involve high amount of risk.

There are several safe and natural ways to increase penis size, which are effective and do not have any side effects. So, why take any risk? In the ancient times, people used several methods to improve their manliness and increase penis size. The same methods are known to work even today

Whether big or small, all penises are driven by the same hormone. It is this hormone level in the body that determines the size of penis. Here are the three exercises to naturally increase the penis size:

Jelqing exercises: This is the most ancient form of penis enlargement exercises and is considered quite effective. Jelqing is believed to be first used by the Arabs to increase penis size. It is still widely practiced in the nomadic tribes of Arab. The exercise involves milking the penis and massaging it at the area called Corpora Covernosa. This natural exercise helps to visibly increase the size of penis and make it stronger.

Kegel Exercises: This is an amazing form of exercise that helps you to lengthen every fragment of the penile tissues. It can also help to stretch the epidermal muscle layers causing the penis to grow in size.

Penis Stretching: This is yet another form of natural exercise that helps to solve the problem related to sexual potency and increase the penis size. This exercise can also make you a great sexual partner and help you improve your sex life.

Try these natural penis exercises at home and you will soon notice a difference in the size of your penis. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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