How To Jelq!

Using jelqing and kegel exercises!

So you want to increase the size of your penis…

Though there are several over the counter drugs and pills available in the market, it is recommended that you follow the natural ways. The natural methods are not only effective but are also free from risk of any kind of side effect. When it comes to increasing the size of the penis naturally, one of the most popular methods is jelqing.

Jelqing is a complete natural method which helps to augment the size of the penis by increasing the blood flow in the tissues. The aim of this natural method is to increase the size of the penis permanently, both by length and girth, to enable you to experience utmost sexual satisfaction.

What does Jelqing do?

This is actually a penis enlargement process which helps to expand the spongiosum and cavernosa. These are the sponge like area of the erectile tissue, which contains most of the blood in the penis during erection. If these two chambers hold more blood, then the size of your penis becomes bigger.

Jelqing is in fact an effective method of increasing the penis size. But unfortunately, most men do not know the right technique to jelq. Here are some useful tips that will show you the safe way to jeql:

Do not skip the warm up exercise: Many people skip the warm up exercise and this is one of the most common causes of pain. The warm up exercise helps to stimulate blood flow to the penis, and prepares it for exercise. Hence it should not be skipped.

Lubrication is important: The jelqing method should not be performed without lubrication or it will cause pain. Lubricate your hand and penis well enough before you perform jelqing.

Follow the videos: Jelqing should not be performed without knowing the right technique to do it. You can read the manuals or watch training videos to make sure that you are on the right track.

Warm down the exercise: Just like the warm up exercise, the warm down is also important. This process helps to relax the penis tissues and keeps the blood flowing. It helps to replace the damaged tissues and speed up your penis growth.

Follow step by step: Do not jeql in a hurry. The process requires time and enough patience. So, do not over work your penile tissues.

It is a known fact that jelqing works and it still remains the best and safest penis growth method ever known to man. You just need to follow the right techniques and you will soon be proud of your manhood.