Penis is a part of your body and it requires as much nutrition as your body. It also requires proper diet and exercise to stay healthy. If you are unsatisfied with the size of your penis, you’d be happy to know that you can grow your penis with diet and proper nutrition.

If the physical condition of your health is poor then this will also affect your penile strength. To increase your penis size, you must ensure that your body gets enough sleep. It should not be malnourished or stressed. All these factors directly influence the performance of your penis.

There are also various external factors that affect the penis enlargement process. Blood flow is one of the most important factors among all. If there is insufficient amount of blood flowing to your penis then this will result in a poor erection. For better penile strength and to increase the size of penis, you must try some exercises that help to rush more blood flow into penis.

Proper diet and nutrition:

To ensure that you have a healthy blood flow, you must maintain a proper diet and exercise program. If you body lacks in essential vitamins then you can consider taking some herbal supplements to provide nutrition to body and increase penis size.

You must also develop healthy eating habits and watch what you eat. Smoking and consuming alcohol is not only bad for your physical health but it also adversely affects your penile strength and sexual performance. Take a balanced diet containing nutritious food and healthy drink. You can also add some daily natural penis exercises to this.

When you have a healthy body and mind, you will also be able to enjoy better sex with your partner. So, grow your penis strong with the right diet and nutrition!

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An overdose of anything can turn to be really bad. Though it is normal for men to want a bigger penis, one must know here to stop. Sex must be pleasurable. It should not be painful for the women. There is of course some pain involved, but it should not be extreme, which could be the case if you have too big a penis.

So, before going ahead with any penis enhancement pills or extenders, you must first decide whether or not you actually need it. Penis surgery involves a lot of risk so it is recommended that you do not choose to let your manhood go under the knife unless it’s very essential.

If you have an average or small size penis and wish to grow it then there are several natural methods to increase penis size. There are many penis exercises that you can try to improve the health and size of your penis. However, never overdo, because the ill-effects of overdoing penis enlargements are many.

I would like to tell you that though women do like men with big penises, they will be turned down if it’s too big. A very big penis means a painful sexual intercourse. This means women won’t be comfortable having you as their sexual partner. Furthermore, it is extremely painful to have anal sex if you are too big.

Hence, do not be over obsessed with the size of your penis. Instead of trying all sorts of pills, pumps and surgeries to increase the penis size, work on to make it healthier. A healthy you means your penis will last long and you will be able to satisfy your woman in the best way possible.

Improve your health and do some natural penis exercises to make it grow stronger. This is not only free of any harmful side effects but is also a great way to bring out a better YOU.

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If you have a small or average size penis then I am sure you would want to know – do women prefer men with bigger penis? Though there is no point defying the fact that penis size is quite vital to both men and women, it is of course not the main factor in women’s choice of lovers. Your penis might be average in size but if you know how to use it best to please you woman, you are a winner.

When it comes to choosing sexual partners women would prefer men with average to big penis over those who have smaller genitals. A man who knows how to satisfy women stands a better chance of being the one that most women would prefer.

Women love great sex and thus men with small to average penises always feel overshadowed by the fear whether they would be able to satisfy their partner in bed. This fear is not baseless because women do prefer men who have bigger penises and last longer.

Apart from the size of penis, your power to last longer also plays a major role to determine the success of your sex life. Instead of worrying too much about the size, concentrate on making your penis healthier. You can increase your penile strength naturally by performing special exercises daily.

There are several benefits of performing penis enhancement exercises. It provides you to have improved ejaculatory control and enables you to enjoy “rock” solid erections.

Just like you work out in a gym to build muscles, you need to do these special penile exercises to grow your penis in length as well as girth. This will not only make you feel better about yourself but will also make you more desirable to women.

So, start taking care of your manhood from today to enjoy a satisfactory and greatly improved sexual life with your partner.

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Are you planning to go for a penis enhancement surgery? May be you have noticed some changes in your partner’s behavior and you feel they are not sexually satisfied with you. Instead of driving conclusions yourself, it is always better if you discuss with your partner. This is a personal and sensitive issue so it shouldn’t be left entirely to you.

If you are in a relationship then it is likely that you want to increase your penis size so that both of you can have a better sex life. So, if you take the decision to enhance your penis size yourself then they might feel hurt later on.

May be they are worried about something else and that’s the reason why they are not so enthusiastic about sex. Instead of doubting your sexual powers, discuss with your partner. You may find that your partner really doesn’t mind about how large you are and your feeling of inadequacy is baseless. However, if you both feel that you must increase your penis size then there are several methods through which you can achieve this goal.

Penis surgery is perhaps the first solution that will come to your mind but such surgical operations are quite expensive. Apart from the costs, there is also much risk involved in the process.

Instead, of opting for the risky methods to grow your penis, you can choose the safe and natural methods. Jelqing is an easy to do natural exercise which can help you improve the health of your penis without any pills or pumps. You can also improve the size with proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

The sexual problems that you are facing may not necessarily be because of your penis size. Lack of proper communication is a key factor why many relationships fail. So, discuss with your partner and make your sexual experience more fulfilling.

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Penis enlargement methods can help you grow your penis size, but the improper ones can cause serious penile injuries so you must be careful. Some men have been really successful in enlarging their penises, but there are also many examples of failure.

When planning to choose a penis enlargement method, you must be really careful as a wrong method can lead to problems and serious consequences at times.

You must understand that increasing the size of penis has both a psychological and physiological factor attached to it. There are some penis enlargement methods that are much dangerous than the rest. I would advise you to avoid any such penis surgery or enlargement method that involves risk of serious injury.

Improper penis enlargement methods can cause your penis to become scarred or deformed for life. Sometimes, it may also cause loss of sensitivity in penis. Thus, you must avoid using any sort of harmful pills or pumps to increase the size of your penis.

Just like any other part of your body, penis is also composed of blood vessels, and using a vacuum pump would put a great deal of pressure on these blood vessels. If not used in moderation, the penis enlargement pumps may lead to internal bleeding.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that internal bleeding can be very dangerous. Hence, you will need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of any penis enlargement method before using it. Failure to follow any of these methods properly can have serious consequences.

Do not get carried away by companies that claim that their pills or pumps can provide instant results and make your penis grow in size. There is no method that can give you overnight results. If you wish to increase your penis size then you must diligently follow natural penis exercises to see results over time.

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Who doesn’t like to lead a healthy and fit life? People are increasingly becoming conscious about what they eat. Your general health is an important factor that determines your sex life. If you are healthy, you will enjoy a more satisfying and better sexual life.

This is more important in case of men because problems like stress and other health disorders can affect your power to last long in bed. Your performance is also directly dependent on the health of your penis. In this post, we will discuss about some interesting tips to make your penis grow healthy and strong.

If you keep your body healthy then blood will flow correctly through the veins and arteries.  To ensure this, you must develop some good habits such as exercising regularly and eating healthy food. Eating more junk food will increase the level of cholesterol in your body, which further clogs the arteries and make you fat.

Smoking and taking recreational drugs will lower your stamina and slow down the blood flow. Your ability to achieve and sustain your penile erection for long also depends on the proper function of your cardiovascular system. Hence, you must avoid eating junk food and refrain from excess consumption of alcohol and drugs.

To make your penis grow healthy, you must do special penis exercises just as you exercise your muscles to make them grow. The penis exercises are specially designed to stimulate its special penile arteries. With proper penile exercises, you can maintain fitness and control premature ejaculation. These penis exercises are easy to do. It can be done any time when you are in the bathroom or bedroom. Just a 30 minutes exercise would be enough.

Increasing your penile strength and size can help you achieve more satisfaction during sexual intercourse and make your partner want you more!

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If you are unsatisfied with the size of your penis then you would want to try almost any possible methods to make it grow. But, wait and think. The enlargement pills and pumps come with various side effects that can adversely influence your penile strength.

In most cases, the fears regarding small penis size is only psychological. Men having average size penis feel that they may disappoint their partner and this fear makes them uncomfortable. If that’s the case, pills or pumps cannot change your state of mind.

You need to boost your self confidence and get the right attitude required to win women. A genuine woman won’t judge a man with just his penis size; there are many more things that count. So, take a deep breath and give yourself a break from unnecessary worries.

In case you wish to make your manhood grow then there are several natural methods through which you can increase penis size, without pills or pumps. The FDA has sent out warnings about the ingredients used in the penis enhancement pills. The penis pumps and extenders are also highly dangerous.

The most effective and natural method to grow your penis is the natural exercises. You just need to use your hand and use a special technique to be able to grow your penis and get a better erection. The most popular of these methods is the jelqing method. This method increases the flow of blood into the chambers inside the penis, helping it grow in size without regular exercise.

As you jelq regularly, the chambers inside the penis become larger and they are able to hold more blood. This makes your penis grow powerful and strong with time.

You just need to grab your penis with your thumb and finger to make an ‘OK’ sign. After this, pull your penis upward firmly. Keep repeating this process several times each day and this will increase the blood flow, and thus increase penis size, without pills and pumps.

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People often wonder – what are the factors that influence the penis size? Most of you must have heard that penis size mostly depends on the testosterone stimulation and genetic factors in a man’s body.

However, it is interesting to note that geographical factors also play an important part to influence the size of penis.

In Russia, for example, average penis size is 15 cm, while erect. Penises that are 12 cm are considered small and 10 cm are known as macropenis. However, in China, the average size of penis is 9 cm only.

It is quite difficult to evaluate the genitals development in childhood. The factors that are taken onto account include penis size depending on the age, testicles size and several other anthropometric parameters.

In case, there are any discrepancies from the normal size, a children’s doctor (urologist or andrologist) should be consulted at once. It is important to take care of the factors that influence penis size as the child reaches adolescence.

For adult men, sometimes these fears are only psychological. Even when they have normal penis size, some men live under the fear that they won’t be able to satisfy their partner sexually.

To start with, it is important to understand that though size is important, it is not all that determine how good your sex life will be. You ability to satisfy your partner depends on how well you use your powers.

Fortunately, for some men, there are various methods and techniques that they can use to increase penis size. Some of the important methods include:

  • Hormonal replacement therapy is an effective method that works at any age.
  • There are various extending devices available for penis enlargement purposes.

Start the treatments early to get better and effective results. You can try jelqing, which is a natural method to increase penis size. If you do this in the right way as a daily routine, you will soon see a marked difference in your penis size.  This method has been used since ages to naturally enhance the penis size and power to enjoy fulfilling sexual intercourse.

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Erectile dysfunction is usually related to small penis and frequent inabilities to have an erection. These are quite distressing problems in a man’s life, ruining his self confidence. Such men are always hounded by the fear that they would not be able to satisfy their partner sexually. Hence, they curl up in their own world and refuse to open up to others. Instead of feeling low, it is important to identify that cause behind erectile problems.

There are several reasons that can cause erectile dysfunction in men. This symptom is common in men suffering from particular diseases or medical condition such as obesity and diabetes. It can also be at times psychological in nature. This is even more devastating as they are mostly led due to high level of stress and anxiety.

Many men find it extremely embarrassing to talk about the penis size or erectile dysfunction problems. It is not necessary that they were small from the beginning. The size of the penis can be altered due to medication or masturbation habits. Thankfully, there are now companies that offer various products that can help you improve erection as well as the size of penis.

Though there are several medicines and surgical methods through which you can increase penis size, it is recommended that you always try the natural treatment methods. The over the counter pills for erectile dysfunction and penis enhancement are not very safe and may sometimes lead to unpleasant side effects.

The most recommended natural cure for penis enhancement is the exercises. You can couple this up with herbal supplements and ayurvedic medicine for additional support. Some of the herbal ingredients are also used to make topical creams and gels that can be used along with natural exercises. You can also try the special exercises by rubbing the essential oils on the penile area. They not only help to treat the erectile dysfunction but also cure penis size problems.

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Some men judge their sexual performance with the size of their penis. Questions like – “Am I too small? “Am I lasting enough?” keep floating in their minds. In this post we’ll take a deeper look into the problem and find out – Is there a connection between penis size and sexual performance?

Some studies have indicated that men who have bigger penises tend to perform better in bed than those who have an average or below average size penis. It has also been proved that men, who are well endowed, are more successful in picking up women. But, let me frankly tell you that the secret lies in their self confidence and not the size of penis.

It is ridiculous to think that women judge men based on the size of their penis or performance in bed. Though sexual performance is important, it is not directly related to your penis size. Any women who says that she only wants men with a bigger penis, is clearly fake and superficial. You would of course not like to date such women.

The average size of penis is about 6 inches when erect. This is enough to have a satisfying sex life and bring pleasure to your woman. If you want to increase penis size, you can aim for just a few inches above this, not more.  A very large penis can hurt women and they would be scared to have sex with you.

How to improve sexual performance?

First of all, you need to develop self confidence and stop worrying much about your penis size. A good general health can help you last long so watch the foods you consume and get your cholesterol to a healthy level. This will help your penis grow lengthwise as well as in girth. You can also try the penis enlargement exercises that help to increase penis size naturally. Though it may take time to show results, it is an effective and safe method.

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